Who is katy mixon dating 2016

Mixon had a leading role in the 2008 comedy film "Four Christmases" playing Jon Favreau's younger wife.In 2009, she starred in three films: crime drama ' The Informers', political thriller ' State of Play', and Razzie-winning comedy ' All About Steve'.During her play in "Mike & Molly", she co-starred alongside Jessica Chastain and Michael Shannon in the critically acclaimed independent drama film Take Shelter in 2011.Mixon also had a role in action film Drive Angry (2011) starring Nicolas Cage and voiced Tina Nelson in Minions (2015).While like other celebrities, Katy Mixon also gets paid by sponsorship, ads, endorsement, featuring and so on.American Housewife, ABC’s new Tuesday-night sitcom, would fail that test. Here is how the Housewife in question, Katie, introduces herself to viewers—in the very first scene of the sitcom’s very first episode: They say one day a meteor will strike the earth, obliterating life as we know it. You see, my neighbor, Fat Pam, is giving up and moving to Vermont. And once Fat Pam is gone, I am going to be the second fattest— , as its sweepingly sociological title might suggest, presents itself as yet one more example of the now-typical network sitcom: edgy, relatably wacky, normal in its abnormality.

Katie mentions, off-handedly, that the Ottos rent their house—they moved to Westport, Katie explains, because the schools there offer programs that benefit Anna-Kat, whose “anxiety” seems to manifest, via several jokes about hand-washing and stair-hopping, as OCD.Mixon also received positive reviews from critics for her outstanding performance as Katie Otto.She was even included in People's “One to Watch” list.Their kids are Taylor (Meg Donnelly), a teenager who has just emerged from an awkward phase to become pretty and popular; Oliver (Daniel Di Maggio), 12, an Alex P.Keaton in the making; and Anna-Kat (Julia Butters), the youngest—who we learn, per Katie’s narration, “has a touch of the anxieties.Over the next 30 minutes, this particular American housewife will obsessively attempt to fill the house that had been occupied by Fat Pam with … Had that been a passing joke, it might have been funny—a wry recognition of the way women are taught that their aesthetic value is both cruelly fixed and geographically relative. Katie’s quest to replace her permeates the episode’s extremely petty Hero’s Journey. ” Katie wails, approximately two minutes after we’ve first met her.


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