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The bugle snaps across the hall blowing Reveille for the long and the short and the tall.

Last Post will sing its mournful song for those still standing and those of us that are gone.

'pace paratus' GIL CHENIER MOORE, James Patrick - (J. I would like to say Thank You for all the wonderful support and being there when needed that the QOR of C Regimental Family has shown over this difficult time on the passing of my Best Friend and loving wife Lori. Janice Hamilton-Dicker (de Vries) The Corporal Fred Topham, VC Fundraising Project has been successful in raising sufficient funds to purchase the Victoria Cross of this 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion soldier. Warren Walker I'm looking for photos from the 2nd Battalions QOR of C time at Gordon Head in Victoria circa 1953-1957.

In Pace Paratus Brian Budden CWO (ret'd) Brian Budden, CD Great Site and having read your attendees list I am really going to try to make it to the reunion. Grant Phalen I would like to thank my Dad Jan de Vries, President of the 1st. Please see the Topham update page for the latest news as of 31 December 2004. John Fotheringham I'm sending this email from Bagdad, Iraq. I need these photos to complete a digital diary for our museum in Victoria.

To everyone involved in the organization of the 2005 reunion; Congratulations on the success of the entire weekend.

Dad (CHARLIE DUNLOP) was overwhelmed by the many friends and comrades that shook hands, spoke with him, a few half bear hugs, etc.

Also you may want to join the Canadian Infantry Association if so, go to safe and healthy everyone. will be fondly remembered by many family members, friends and his little granddog Dawson.

I shall continue to take Dad to as many functions as I possibly can. I think that Calgary Branch has, by hosting this Reunion, strengthened the desire of many members to go back to their respective areas and encourage those that don't presently belong to the association, to become involved. I would also encourage you to read the comment of a former QOR just 5 messages below [D Conner} and the comments of the Webmaster and to challenge each one of us to get out and seek out former Riflemen to become part of this great Association. As I sit here on Monday morning attempting to fathom what happened to my body at the reunion, it had to be that last beer after the dinner. I can't wait until 2010 for our next one..past one will be hard to beat!! Willy Wilson In commemoration of the 61st anniversary of D-Day tomorrow, Dads step-granddaughter (lives in Paris) drove to Beny-sur-Mer Cemetery today to place flowers on QOR graves killed on D-Day. Wilkins, QOR D-Day Veteran - B Coy, First Wave) Wendy Wilkins-Cimicata Sorry I could not attend the reunion but Im sure everyone had a great time. If we don't know you are out there we cannot contact you. Ralph Pollon 1 Can Para..gave me his wings and armbands..him dearly...

I don't know when the depot closed but it was certainly there in 1967 because I was seconded from 1 QOR from 1 Mar to 24Jun 67 to train infantry and engineer recruits when the 2nd battalion was in Cyprus. Looking fwd to see you at the Reunion in Jun 05 9 or in Canada 7 JOHN SYDNEY BYATT Very informative site! I am so very glad we were able to keep 'Toppys' medal in Canada.

Ray Bunner Ray Bunner I am pleased that Fred Topham's Victoria Cross will remain in Canada. What was his family thinking, to let this piece of Canadian history leave the Country? We are looking forward to seeing long lost friends at the reunion. E.(SAM) I am the youngest daughter of Don & Verla Bernicky and have had the pleasure of getting an email from Len Belanger and have spoken many times over the years to John & Lois Cowick.

Although he is having some memory challenges, it seems he recollects all the "family" of QOR.

It gave me great pride to see the many "younger gents" that he had instructed, I think mostly in Germany and Borden, greet him with, " Good to see you here, Sir, Mr. The 2005 Reunion has been featured on this site for over a year.


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