Xp sp2 validating identity

I can connect wirelessly to another server named ddrw but the signal strenght and speed is just about 1MBps....

So I went into the computer and turned off the Dell Wireless management Utility to use a Zero Config setup.

If it is just an update where do I find what to download?

After switching to zero config and connecting a pop up came up saying that the conmputer is set up for 802.1x and that I must go into the router(or somewhere else I forget) and make sure that the router and the computer matched.....

xp sp2 validating identity-70xp sp2 validating identity-73

Ok, I just reformatted one of the computer and after i installed all the drivers for mobo i figured i cannot connect to the internet.Im on the D-Link DIR-655Wireless Router and im using XP PRO SP2 if that helps.So basically, I keep getting an error when i try to connect to my own network "VALIDATING IDENTITY Windows was unable to find a certificant to log you on to the the network" I entered the correct network key that was setup with the router and im really frustrated because i tried everything in the options and nothing works.(It is possible I missed an update, but don't think I did).They are the ones that told me the NIC was too old to support WPA2.You can go here to download the correct driver once you know which one.


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