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Now he's back, with each organic half supported by a robotic prosthesis, and neither half lacking in mean-spirited horny-ness.One half of the man seems to want to keep up a facade of genuine respect, while the other is constantly degrading Shinobu and openly planning some sort of gang bang.--Jonathan] Here it is, the second and final post from me about the bosses of No More Heroes 2.Honestly, I'm worried that it's sort of stupid to put these posts out so quickly after the game's release, as I feel that I'm far from really figuring it all out.Too bad all the black girls I know who play videogames think the Wii is totally lame.Ryuji: Travis's mysterious brother in combat Ryuji isn't all that complicated.In No More Heroes 2, he works to show us the same thing, but specifically in relation to how men treat women.Travis split Destroyman in two at the end of their fight in the first game.

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Still, I was only certain that Sheva was black because she outright announces it in the game.

What makes him interesting, at least to me, is how far he takes the "white guy" stereotype.

If we lived in a society where people of Anglo-European descent suffered from a history of damaging discrimination, and were therefore more sensitive to being ridiculed or mocked for their cultural idiosyncrasies, the Million Gunman would definitely have spurred some protest from civil rights advocates.

I felt intensely protective of her, and all the more gratified when she overcame his/their advances and dirty tricks.

I imagine that as Travis heard her story, he felt the same way.


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