Fucking in afghanistan

Maybe government troops will step up when we force them to take over. Things could go very badly for the government and very well for the Taliban.

But if we've learned nothing else, it's that whatever needs to be done for Afghanistan, we can't do it.

Beginning that August, Bergdahl’s battalion lost six soldiers in a three-week period—all of these fatalities occurred on a mission that was related to, or influenced by, the effort to find Bergdahl.

In this remote part of an increasingly remote war, suffering and loss—the senselessness of Afghanistan—often played out in Bergdahl’s name.

How have they turned illiterate, undernourished Afghan peasants into a tough, dogged fighting force that refuses to be defeated?

Fucking in afghanistan-47

The al-Qaida are gone." But things drifted off course. Pakistan furnished aid and refuge to the insurgents. President Hamid Karzai proved unable or unwilling to establish security and curb corruption. By now the Taliban should be renamed the Resilient Taliban, because that is the adjective most often used to describe it.

Much of their motivation is resentment of foreigners with guns and anger at military missions that inadvertently kill innocents.

So maybe when we leave, many insurgents will lose interest in the fight.

The next morning, Sergeant First Class Larry Hein took muster. Bergdahl was then classified DUSTWUN—Duty Status: Whereabouts Unknown. that afternoon, the senior officer responsible for Paktika ordered that “all operations will cease until the missing soldier is found.

All assets will be focused on the DUSTWUN situation and sustainment operations.” Drones and intelligence aircraft were diverted; recovering Bowe Bergdahl became Blackfoot Company’s central mission.


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