Females chatting and cumming

I liked seeing him excited and it excited me in a non-mother type way. Drew didnt have a roommate so it was an easy call for me to stay there.More and more I would tease him and I began even taunting him with some innocent looking crotch shots, bending over in front of him, showing a lot of cleavage and thinner shirts where my pink nipples were not left to any imagination. Drew dropped in the bath for a quick shower and I made up the couch for my bed and had stripped down to my panties.

I finally got a hold of myself sat on the edge of the bed and apologized for not giving notice when I came into the room. After I got settled in my bed and turned out the lights we had idle chit-chat before the best of my nature came out and I asked if he was ok sleeping nude, maybe I could find something for him to wear of mine.

To make it worse, I had returned early so that we could celebrate our anniversary.

Instead of celebrating my anniversary with my husband, I celebrated alone with a few bottles of wine in a hotel room.

Over time we spent more time together and he stayed with me in my hotel a lot more often as well as when he was on break from school. I knew my attraction wasnt just as a mom to a son but I just didnt want to go there.

He learned that I liked sleeping in old t-shirts and panties but occasionally even I slept nude. Anyway it was a great day and after the game we went back to some tailgating and maybe a little too much wine.


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