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Sometime in a girls life, she’s going to get a broken nail.

She has two choices; cut her nails to match (nubbins) or create a repair.

IBD Brush on Gel Resin – this is a thick form of “super glue”. The glue will dry on the brush fairly quickly, so don’t freak out. It’s super stinky though so spray your nail up against an open window. Gently slide the foil off and the repair should come with the cotton.

They were about the size of a large desk, had a disk the size of a pizza that held all of about 200-250 pages, and cost more than 0,000 – and the only program they could run was the CAT (computer-aided transcription) system that was used for court reporting.

I now own a Pentium laptop that cost about 0, can run multiple programs at once, is faster, and can hold huge amounts of information.

I have also helped a couple of friends who have accidentally gotten a nail cut in the middle of the nail plate, right down to the pink nail bed. Apply a layer of resin to cover the wrap and extend a smidgen past the edge of the wrap7. Increase to a 240 grit file to smooth the repair more12. If you would like, you can even move on to a buffer to make your repair silky smooth.

It’s very important to stock up on your supplies you break a nail. Just be very careful to not buff your nails smooth or you will weaken them.


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