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Noticing—and appreciating—each other's positive attributes not only fosters affection, but will also remind you both of the early days of your relationship, when sex was likely intoxicating and frequent.The key here is to identify those times that your partner looks sexy or really impresses you, and tell him rather than keep it to yourself, says Dr. Try something like, "I was looking out the window when you were mowing the lawn. " Or, "Honey, you just look so sexy to me when you're cooking us dinner." That kind of appreciation is an ideal segue into sex. ) by surprise, you may shed a few of your inhibitions, since the experience will feel out of context. Turning the expected on its head sparks excitement—for both of you.Everyone needs to know about safer sex, whether they're straight, gay, lesbian or bisexual.Women can pass STIs on to women and men can pass STIs on to men.

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Talking to children about sex won't make them go out and do it. For example, if they ask a question, such as "Where do babies come from? Don't make it more complicated than it needs to be. " You could answer, "It comes out through a special passage in the woman's body called a vagina".

This way, they can make decisions that are right for them when the time comes.

Most young people in the UK don't have sex until they're at least 16.

Try something like, "Honey, can you help me balance the checkbook later? " When it comes to summoning sex, getting yourself in the mood is half the battle.

"You are more likely to initiate sex later if you pay attention to your own feelings first," says Dr. Look at some erotic images, such as those in the , or read a few passages from a favorite romance novel to put you in a sexual state of mind.


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