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Main themes will focus on the good and bad of social media, perpetrator sanctioning, what is required to engage men – for real, and the role of advocates in the current climate.This conference is intended to create a thoughtful and intentional space for campuses and community agencies to showcase their programs, and work together to solve the challenging puzzle of responding to and preventing all forms of sexual and dating violence on college campuses.In dieser Zeit werden keine neuen Werkstattaufträge und Bestellungen angenommen.Waffenankäufe sind von dieser Regelung ausgenommen! Wir sind immer am Ankauf von guten Gebrauchtwaffen interessiert.offers individual, group, and couples therapy, psychiatric services, as well as academic and career counseling.We also provide outreach and consult with faculty, staff and students who are concerned about students in distress.

Campuses nationally are continuing to work hard to meet and exceed federal requirements around sexual and dating violence prevention and response.As the national lens on these issues has brought much needed advocacy, investigation, and prevention programs to campuses, it has also created compliance-driven campuses versus those focused on being proactive and doing what’s right.This year’s conference strives to re-commit us to this work, remind us that this work is vital for the health and success of our campus communities whether there are regulations in place or not, and provide participants with tangible strategies and effective approaches to campus advocacy, prevention, and investigations.But register soon as the conference always sells out!We recognize and honor the challenges that come with being a working parent.Sollten wir nicht das Gewünschte vorrätig haben, bestellen wir gerne für Sie aus dem Angebot von Akah, Blaser, Boeker, Herbertz, uva.


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