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Although no one has reported problems to date, we strongly recommend consulting your physician before using any type of electronic around a medical device such as a hearing aid, pacemaker, defibrillator, etc. At this time the Ultimate AT is available online only, but you may order anytime online or by telephone.Customer Care Representatives are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Results can vary depending on the type of pests, location, and degree of infestation. Sensor mode will cause the light to come on in the dark, and turn off in the light. The on/off/sensor switch on the side of the unit is simply to control the night light feature.Squirrels & Bats, only if they are inside the walls.Back to Top What pests are NOT repelled by the Ultimate AT? The AT sends out negative ions to trick pests sense of smell to think a storm is approaching (similar to the smell before a rain storm). Our Pest Repeller Ultimates® are designed to be economic and energy-friendly. Although many customers report results within a few days, we recommend you give the Ultimate AT 2-4 weeks to completely eradicate your pests.


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    Do not portray any sexual harassment behaviour here.* Do not give out personal private identification details like mobile number, email address, facebook IDs etc.* This portal is not an extension of social network portals like Facebook , post your social IDs only in Facebook sponsored chatrooms. * Instances of fraud, sabotage, cheating, harassment thrive on personal informations so beware. Stay anonymous* Minors of age 14 or less should voluntarily opt out of this guest chat system.* The chat service is free however data transfer costs are dependent on operators.