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[Editor's note: This paragraph originally featured poor wording, saying that all Wii Ware games had been taken offline.We regret the error.] And the final cover comes from industry newcomer Vin Hill, who recently made news with his hypothetical take on what an Assassin's Creed game set in Japan could look like.What makes this one different is the developer and game involved.Kono isn't a household name, but he's been making cult classics in Japan for 20 years.Iida's piece shows two hands in handcuffs, because he says, "The current industry is in a negative spiral, and we cannot say that it is healthy." He says the situation reminds him of how Japan's film industry struggled when TV became popular and that he thinks the indie game movement will play an important role in bringing the game industry back.Iida's cover is a collage of art he originally created for a live show.He describes his piece, showing two schoolgirls playing in the foreground and the fallout from Fukushima's nuclear disaster in the distance, as a way to show young people as the industry's future with the baggage from the past lingering behind.

Like many in Japan, Kono has spent time in recent years making casual mobile games.

He chose to show the popularity of mobile and portable games in Japan relative to console games, as seen through a day in the life on a train. He's been working on a new album of his own and is debuting the first track from that album, "First Contact," here for the first time.

You can sample other songs from the album on Brave Wave's preorder page.

So yeah, I always wanted to bring it to the bigger screen.

But at the same time, I had to think about the budget.


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