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How to care for your introverted child Introverts are hardly a minority. Some of our most successful leaders, entertainers, and entrepreneurs, such as Bill Gates, Emma Watson, Warren Buffett, Courteney Cox, Christina Aguilera, J. Rowling, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, and Mahatma Gandhi, have been introverts.Numbers vary based on a study, but introverts make up 30-50 percent of the U. Think your child can just “get over” hating raucous birthday parties? Introverts’ and extroverts’ brains are “wired” differently, according to Dr.Listen to your child, and ask questions to draw her out.Many introverts—children and adults—struggle with feeling “heard” by others.Some teachers mistakenly assume that introverted children don’t speak up much in class because they’re disinterested or not paying attention.On the contrary, introverted students can be quite attentive in class, but they often prefer to listen and observe rather than actively participate.If your child is older, she can excuse herself to a quieter part of the room or a different location such as the bathroom or outside.If she’s younger, she might not notice when she’s tapped out, so you’ll have to watch her for signs of fatigue.

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“Inch together toward the thing he’s wary of.” While extroverts feel energized by socializing, introverts can feel drained.

If you’re attending a social event, don’t expect your child to jump into the action and chat with other children right away.

If possible, arrive early so your child can get comfortable in that space and feel like other people are entering a space she already “owns.” Another option is to have your child stand back from the action at a comfortable distance—perhaps near you, where she feels safe—and simply watch the event for a few minutes. If arriving early or observing isn’t possible, discuss the event ahead of time with your child, talking about who will be there, what will likely happen, how she might feel, and what she could say to start a conversation.

It’s not unusual for extroverted parents to worry about their introverted children and even wonder if their behavior is mentally and emotionally healthy.

Many introverted children, however, are not depressed or anxious at all.


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