Updating win zip

No more confusion around what is and isn’t available, sparing needless cycles and erroneous admin tickets.

From an open Zip file, you can click File Save As and choose FTP from the listed cloud services if you wish.Share files and zip files via Slack IM and choose contacts from within Slack's Contacts; streamlining workflow and eliminating unnecessary steps.Now Enterprise users largely interested in compression functionality may tap into the Classic interface, which hides the files and actions pane and displays only the ribbon.It guides you, in a few quick steps, through the process of specifying exactly how your backup job should work.Using the Job Wizard you can specify: Scheduling jobs is easy with the Win Zip Job Wizard.You will need to choose to Upload the Zip file to an FTP server, fill in a few fields to tell Win Zip where to send the file (you can even browse to find the correct folder), and then you're done.


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