Consolidating databases sql server

Even the IP address and server name remain unchanged.

Guarantee application Quality of Service: Ensure application Qo S by automatically providing the right levels of availability and scalability with VMware Application Services.Accelerate application delivery: Provision new databases on demand in a matter of minutes from pre-configured virtual appliances.Test multi-tier applications quickly and efficiently by easily cloning production databases.Upgrade to the Best Platform for Microsoft SQL Server Consolidation Accelerate application lifecycles and improve application quality of service by consolidating your SQL Servers on the private cloud VMware v Sphere.With v Sphere, you can consolidate your SQL infrastructure by 4X to 20X and cut hardware and software costs by more than 50% while avoiding the painful compromises associated with traditional database consolidation.Once all the physical processors of a host have been licensed, you can deploy an unlimited number of SQL virtual machines (depending on the SQL edition that is licensed), consolidating licenses on a small number of physical processors.


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